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Training & Behaviour

Clare has, over the years, evolved her own style of positive training which is informed by her continuing education and professional development. Her force-free, ethical methods are guided by science and delivered with compassion, with the well being of your dog at the heart of her practise. Her focus is on helping dogs and their humans using techniques that are simple, kind, effective and, most importantly, fun. She has studied extensively and continues her professional development by attending courses, being part of the worldwide positive online community and participating in workshops, conferences and seminars with renowned force-free, positive trainers and leaders in the field.  Her aim is to enhance the dog/human partnership to create a stronger life-long bond based on understanding, respect and empathy. She believes training should be a mutually enjoyable and rewarding experience that is motivating and fun for both you and your dog.

Whether it’s puppy training and socialisation to dealing with an adolescent, or fear-based reactivity and aggression to multi-dog household issues, Clare’s aim is to help you develop a deeper understanding of canine behaviour and communicate more effectively with your dog; to build trust, responsiveness and a create a more harmonious relationship. As each person is different, so is each dog and Clare will work closely with you to help bring out the very best in your canine companion.

Clare is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a Puppy Start Right Instructor (Karen Pryor Academy) and most recently, has completed the Aggression in Dogs Master course along with the Canine Reactivity Specialisation, through Heart Dog Trainers.


Personal Training / Private Sessions

Private Sessions


Puppy Start Right

  • Training for puppies up to 7 months old,  single sessions - $900 (60 min) 

  • Package of 4 sessions - $3400 (to be used within 2 months)

Everything you need to get you and your puppy on the right track, with all materials including tutorial videos, training reminders and practical tips


Behaviour modification and training - for adolescent, reactive, aggressive, anxious or fearful dogs 

  • Initial consultation - $1200 (90 mins)

  • Follow up sessions (as needed) - $900 (60 min)

  • Package of 4 sessions - $3800 (4.5 hours coaching to be used within 2 months)

This involves a initial consultation and behavioural assessment followed by a detailed behaviour and training plan discussion with email follow up, plus video tutorials and trainings steps to follow

Group Sessions

Group Sessions

The Pupstars    $1900

- 4 sessions over 4 weeks - total 5 hours of coaching

- Small groups, held in Sai Kung

- Suitable for puppies up to 7 months old

- Everything you need for a successful start for you and your puppy

- With all materials including tutorial videos, training reminders, games and lots of practical tips

Teen Spirit   $2400

 -Suitable for adolescent dogs over 7 months

- 4 sessions over 4 weeks - total 5 hours of coaching

- Small groups, held in Sai Kung

- Not suitable for dogs with significant behaviour issues

- How to train and manage your teenager using positive methods 

Wonderful walks  $900

- 2 sessions over 2 weeks

- Held on location in Sai Kung

- Loose lead walking / successful greeting and interactions with other dogs

- Building responsiveness around distractions

- Group sessions are not suitbable for dogs with significant behaioural issues

I'll be back!   $900

- Teaching a reliable recall

- 2 sessions over 2 weeks

- Held on location in Sai Kung

- Building responsiveness and focus around distractions

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