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My family and I are so grateful to Clare for her guidance and support in navigating life with our super anxious pup Kiki. Whilst Kiki may never be "fixed" Clare has helped us (me in particular) understand Kiki's behavior and accept her for the dog that she is. This has been a huge step in our journey with Kiki who, every day is learning to trust us more and is willing to give things a try. Thank you.

Tanya - Kiki

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Clare Benson (who runs Dogs Inclusive) is a certified professional dog trainer residing in Sai Kung and she offers a range of training programmes for doggos in the area. All services are tailor-made to suit the needs of furry companions and their owners. Dog training is split between pups and older dogs, either in a group setting or one-on-one. Also, if you’re travelling, Clare will happily be a temporary paw-rent in her fully licensed facility. For socialising (for yourself and your dog), Clare organises adventure playdates, too! Dogs are matched based on personality for adventures at nearby parks, beaches, and trails around Sai Kung.

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Clare Benson's Top 5 Training Tips


Dogs, Inc. is a firm favourite amongst many followers of Hong Kong Dog Owners and comes highly recommended. Owner Clare Benson offers a variety of services in Sai Kung and surrounding areas, including dog boarding, daycare, adventure play dates, and, of course, training for your four-legged friend.

All services are tailor-made to suit each and every paw-rent and their hound. She offers both private, one-on-one training sessions (starting from $700) and group classes ($1,800 for four sessions) for those looking to socialise their pups and learn some skills to practise at home. Benson conducts home visits for her classes.

From puppy training to dealing with specific behavioural issues, her aim is to help you improve communications and bring out the absolute best in your dog. As each person is different, so is each dog. Benson works to create a harmonious household and develop a stronger, lifelong bond between you and your dog. Judging by the many happy snaps of smiling dogs on their Facebook page, you know your pup is well cared for!

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Clare Benson Lock and the funny side of dog training

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